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If you’re a property owner or manager, you’ve likely had to deal with parking lot maintenance issues. Taking care of paved spaces doesn’t have to be difficult. The most reputable paving company offers pavement sealing in the GTA and can even be included in a paved surface maintenance program. Sealing pavement is important, but learning why is just as important as the actual preparation and application. Without a firm understanding of the purpose of pavement sealing and its benefits, those in charge of pavement maintenance are far more likely to run into problems that could have been prevented.

Why Seal?

There are some who think that pavement sealing just acts to beautify older parking lots. While it’s definitely a cost-effective way to spruce up older paved spaces, a proper sealing job adds a layer of protection that can prolong the life of any asphalt surface. Asphalt is petroleum-based, which means that oil, gasoline, and other vehicle fluids that leak can stain or damage paved surfaces. Even water and UV rays can damage paved surfaces over time. The costs associated with sealing a paved surface are negligible compared to what it would cost to repair or replace asphalt.


Like any other type of sealing or painting job, preparation is vital. As much dirt and dust as possible should be removed. There are companies in the GTA that will ask the property owner to take care of the prep work, but the most experienced team will bring in specialized equipment to scrub the surface clean, saving valuable time for those with hectic schedules. A mechanical power-sweeper is used to remove dirt and debris, priming the surface and ensuring that the sealant will stick properly and provide adequate protection for years to come.


When most teams apply their product, they rarely take the time to do a neat job. When the finest in the industry are called upon, things go much more smoothly, and neatly. Areas that border curbs, sidewalks, and grassy areas are done by hand with a brush or squeegee. Once the border areas are completed, the sealant will be sprayed on by a trained and experienced staff in a manner that minimizes the amount of splash back that could stain areas in which sealant is not required. For larger lots or for those on a tighter schedule, the well-equipped pavement sealing team has access to an impressive machine able to spray sealcoat in strips up to fourteen feet wide at a time. Best of all, they can work around your busy schedule and can seal pavement any time, day or night and even holidays.
Pavement sealing in the GTA should only be done by a professional team with the experience and knowledge required to prepare and apply sealant in an expert fashion. It’s the only way to ensure that the best quality job is done and that the application will be long lasting and beautiful. To protect your paved surfaces, contact the best in the business today to learn more about the process and to schedule your property for a protective makeover.

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